This is a topic, we dare not speak about or confess to, or maybe it’s just me.

Life and the X word, well it may not be the X word you are thinking about. I’m referring to the dreaded mama-pause, and the onslaught of bodily change soaring temperature,  weight gain, cravings, period changes, and the sweats. Everything that makes the good old man flu a day at the beach.manflu2

Mama – Pause or medically know has (menopause), can strike at any point, but preferably after we have had our family. For many of us females, it starts in our forties and fifties, but for some, it can be younger.

At some point, we cross that ocean with its violent waves, when mother nature starts to bring our Mama productive system to a slow and ungracious end.

sea strom (2)

I’m Cait, and this is my journey, as I cross that ocean with its violent waves, and coping with little grace, at the hand of  Mama nature.

My first real experience was this intense pressure at the top of my head which then surged through my whole body, and  I felt hot and overwhelmed. At the time I worked in a department full of men, yeah not the most appropriate of time to pull out a  fan and try to cool yourself down. Fortunately for me, I had one device that came to my assistance, the good old air – con, and the extra bonus that the room I worked in need to be cold.  So I had an excuse with minimal suspicion to drop the room temperature. I decided to google my symptoms and yes mama nature was kicking up her heels, well that’s great and this was just the beginning.  I hated that intense feeling seems to rush through my whole body, I had to stop and hold my breath while it ran its course.    This pleasurable experience turned out to be a HOT flash,

hot-flash girl red tshirt (3)

and with my white skin, I look like a strawberry every time it happened.

Oh yeah, so not only do I go through this misery, but the whole world gets to watch.




  1. Really nicely written… truely no one really wants to say they’re are going through it… I suppose its hard to say bye to our youth and accept this new phase.


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