Part 2


So, the heat is on, and alongside the joy hot flashes, soon to be followed by night sweats, irregular to eventually no periods. There is a long list being gradually added to the adventure of mama – pause.


Reorganising my wardrobe became my priority, especially with work clothing. Layers have become my new best friend, as I discovered 5min after my now familiar hot flash, I’m suddenly hit by a cold chill. My winter woolly jumpers are swapped out for light tops, shirts, along with the faithful cardigan, which is easier to peel off during that moment when my body heat starts to soar, and easily slipped back on when the chill factor kicks in.

night sweats

I found the night sweats interesting. I know you’re scratching your head and thinking interesting?  Well, my bedding also got the layer effect. During the summer it was a sheet, and a thin blanket, when the weather dropped to -4 an extra light blanket was added.  The duvet now currently made redundant.


At night when that amazing moment of  the night sweats hit, like every normal woman, the blankets are kicked off until the body temperature cools down, or when I’m woken up by that cold chill that has engulfed me, pulling the blankets up around me making the feeling of that crisp icy chill being smothered by the warmth, lulls me back to sleep.  Interestingly I like that crispy chill feeling. Of course, this happens a number of times throughout the night, so the joy of a good night sleep has long since left the building.


building (2)

Below give us a good idea of what our bodies go through during the mama- pause. Trigger factors of the great sweats are considered to be, spicy food, smoking, caffeine, and alcohol.

My vice, of course, is caffeine, did I cut it out of my life, heck no, still need that morning brew, coffee time

but did cut back a little during the day, and drank water to keep cool.  I also have soy in my diet, soy milk, yoghurt, ice cream, this has a mimic estrogen agent in it so may have helped me more than I expected.

check the link for your own info,,








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