Part 3

Traveling to work: everybody loves their commute to work, there’s nothing better than feeling like a sardine in a can, five day’s a week.   sardine in a can man

Now for some of us beautiful ladies, there’s the new challenge of dealing with anxiety, and panic attacks and dizzy spells just to name a few.

Rushing to the train and catching it with 2mins to spare, was normally a joyful moment for me, I had beaten the clock, and getting to work on time; yeah, double points for me.

Now, this has become quickly a thing of the past, as I discover rushing up the stairs, and across the platform, left me out of breath, but worse again light head and dizzy, something I wasn’t expecting.  Once on a busy train the real fun starts, not just conscious of being light-headed, I started to feel anxious about my breathing, the more I focused on trying to calm my breathing down the worse it got, and the more I realized how stuffy the carriage was getting, setting off the alarm bells within me.Treat-Panic-Attacks (2)

This could not carry on, mama-pause is going to be around for awhile, and this needs to be sorted pretty swiftly. I set things in place to make my journey more comfortable, and there would be no more last-minute rush.  I take a later train with less human bodies on it and possibly more air to breath, or so I tell myself.  Plus there’s a little more elbow room to take off my coat, in moments that my body dictated it, in rain or snow.

While the whole world tells us, to take the stairs rather than the lift, as part of being healthy, I started to swap the stairs for the lift, yes and my colleagues look at me with that unbelievable look, of “Oh you’re taking the lift!!!!”. I tell myself it’s fine right now I’m in survival mode, I may feel I have gone from feeling 37 to 73yo, but I need to fight off the waves of attacks kicked in to play by mama -pause, with anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness, lack of sleep, headaches, weight gain and joint pains and that’s just naming a few of what women have to deal with while crossing the stormy ocean of mama-pause. Image result for woman anxiety attack cartoon image



Joint pain is very uncomfortable and painful, there is a number of supplements available on the market, to help us along, and find some comfort in a time when we feel we are drowning.

Image result for joint pain during menopause




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