We are in a world surrounded by diet plans miracle weight loss, and magic diet pills, calorie counting. Most of the time it’s finding what suits you and your lifestyle. Related image

I personally have not found a sustainable diet plan, and I don’t do diet pills. I am also an emotional eater, which can be a huge downfall I think.

I have found the high protein and low carb, worked best for me in the past, but while held in the  grasp of mama – pause, nothing seems to work currently, but I’ve decided this is just for a season and it will pasRelated images, and so too will this stubborn weight gain, will also be a thing of the past.

I’m currently doing a vegetarian 21day plan, it’s not an actual diet plan, its know in the Christian faith, as the Daniel fast, no meats, no dairy, or grains. I am selective about what I eat,  veggie wise I am trying to stick to cruciferous veg, cabbage, Kale, cauliflower, broccoli, fruit-wise, berries, like raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, which are delicious with coconut, and almond or soy yogurt. I’m not a cook or someone who dreams up amazing dishes, so I’ve opted for the pre-pack veggies, easy prepped and cook for lunch the next day. Yeah, I try to pack lunch it every day, some days work well and some days I fail.

Someone introduced me to intermittent fasting, which really means having a later breakfast.

So I start my day with my morning coffee, coconut milk is my current favorite.

BreakfastImage result for cartoon images of soy yogurt

normally consists of coconut, and almond or soy yogurt with berries, or a banana. at around 11-11:30am,



I try to have it a bit later, maybe 1:30 pm and that’s my veggie dish of the day, sometimes half then and half later in the afternoon. But realistically it’s not enough food, and on my bad day I’ve failed and eaten popcorn, but there’s only so much food I’m willing to drag to work.

Days I eat out it’s a jacket potato and salad, but I end up carb crashing by 4pm. Image result for cartoon images of jacket potato


In the evening I go to the gym, aiming for about 3 times a week, the feel-good endorphins are meant to help me keep the focus, with a protein shake, and banana, sometimes its coffee and banana. other days I’ve lost my great cause, and ended up snacking on crisps, and regretting it later.

When I’m not on a Daniel fast, I normally have wholemeal toast with peanut butter,

Image result for cartoon images of peanut butter on toast

in the evening.


But as every normal human, I fall to the prey of cravings, at first, I had a lot of sweet cravings especially chocolate, then I followed some blogs, I came across ave  (Apple Cider Vinegar) and lemon juice, I’ve tried it and it tastes ok, and seemed to have killed some of the cravings, but it not necessarily helps you lose weight.Related image

Going forward, I am thinking about keeping a food diet, as I think my snacking is my biggest downfall, and yes my love for bread, toast is such a quick and easy option.


A high protein bread would be a good option, and I have tried making almond bread, but it was very dry and I found the almond itself overpowering.

For now, I have resigned to the fact that the weight won’t shift, but at the same time, I try to keep positive and focus on keeping healthy eating as part of my normal lifestyle even if I do fall off the wagon, or have a bad day and emotionally eat the wrong goods.

Below is a link to Dr. Berg video on the Keto diet and Intermittent Fasting that I found helpful.


















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