A beautiful romantic story set in Ireland and London.

 When your heart is broken what do you do? focus on your career and change countries if you can, and Clodagh Kenny did just that, moving to London at 17 to live with her lovely aunt Lizzy, studying textiles, and eventually becoming a famous designer. But a new adventure and the opportunity to expand her business, brings her back to Ireland. But what happens when you meet that scumbag ex or his son, and the painful past comes rushing back emotional bruise and all. But there are two sides to every story and it’s only fair to hear both. Clodagh Kenny and James Murry take centre stage in this romantic drama, but they are surrounded by so many other different characters who each play their part in telling the story.

The story is written from many different points of views which is marked by the character’s name, the layout style is different to most other novels I’ve read but it makes the transition from character to character nice and smooth. When there are so many different characters in a book it can get confusing, or the reader can get lost as to who is who, but in this case the style of the book did the opposite, helping the reader along. However, sometimes I think the dramatic build up was prematurely released through the conversation of some of the sub-characters. For example, Beth’s adoption could possibly have been kept a secret a bit longer, but the reader knew about it long before James, thereby taking away from the suspense and drama.

Then there’s the like father like son scenario, I loved the devious build up to the whole pregnancy plot, and was on the edgy of my seat waiting to see how the drama unfolded, but I have to say I was expecting a lot more than just a slap, I felt the closing scene to that particular storyline ended too abruptly and a little to smoothly as Pamela was a great wild card, and having her walked away so easily brought a little anti-climax to that scene. Clodagh and James story conclude how I had expected, with a nice happy twist at the end, and restoring faith in romance and making one believe in love again.

It is a great read, with romance, deception, secrets and lies.

It has a great Mave Binchey vibe to it and makes a great holiday read.

If you’re looking for a light romantic easy read, this is for you.