Stone of Fire by JF Penn

I was hooked from the very beginning, with this fast paced page turner by author Penn. Firstly this is not a christian faith based story, but the writer takes us through Christian history and other faith based facts or myths while taking us to various countries across the globe sharing her in-debt knowledge of church history, historical documents and geographical locations. But I’ve taken it as it is, a fictional thriller of 12 stones that are supposedly belong to the apostles, which they received after the resurrection of Christ. They are not just any stones, when together they posses a very strong power. Our main female character Morgan Sierra, ex-military is our Lara Croft and Indiana Jones rolled into one. Morgan’s life is quickly turned upside down when her twin sister and niece are kidnapped, and she is now working against the clock to find these mystery stones, all 12 before Pentecost to pay as ransom for her family to a one Joseph Evertte who has his on plans for the stones and a great belief in their power. But of course she is not the only one on the hunt for the stones, there is a group called the ARKANE and the Thanatos both rivals who for their own reasons want the powerful stones by Pentecost. Morgan is joined on her quest by Jake Timber who works with the ARKANE but comes with plenty of resources and a plane at his beck and call, as they team up with plans to rescue Morgans family, we are taken to Spain, Italy, Iran, North Africa and eventually to America, with loads of conflicts and suspense, numerous deaths including sacrificial ones. There is a race against the clock and a comet called the Resurgam which coincides with Pentecost this is a fast paced story with some kick ass moments, there are times when I found the history of the church which is share with us through Morgan, overwhelming and slowed the pace just a little for me. But there are plenty of twist and turns, to pick it back up and push on with the good fight.
By the end one will wonder if there is more to this world than materialistic, scientific explanations?  Could this really happen? There may be a truth beyond what we see.

This is a good read for thriller lovers Lara Croft, Indian Jones and Dan Brown fans.

I love the authors description of Italy and Venice that i have added it to my list of places to visit.