The Tunnels Below by Nadine Wild- Palmer

Cecile Hudson- Gray a Londoner takes to the mysterious tunnels below London underground on her 12th birthday. Here she meet some fascinating creatures, in particular Kuffi and his Wasp 79. The tunnels below is a magical place where music is tasted and not heard, like a combination of strawberry cupcake, salt and vinegar crisps along with pineapple juice. The home of creatures like Miss Lady- Bird whose voice has the power to touch your soul and taste of tears. Water is scares and light is limited, but life carries on regardless. Kuffi a foxed face man tall and handsome with spiky black whisker and amber eyes, is a kind heart, good Samaritan who takes Cecile under his wing in this strange world protecting her from the self-righteous Jacques D’or and the crows who appear to be the police of the underground but drunk on power. Cecile discovers that here they trade with buttons and eating earth worms as if they were spaghetti. When her friend Kuffi is imprisoned by Jacque D’or, Cecile adventure really begins as she is helped by the stag-faced teenage boy Luke who’s motives maybe questionable, as he shows an interest in the mysterious marble that Cecile got from her sister Hester on her birthday. Along with his friend Jasper who is a human but chose to settle in the tunnels, they set off to rescue Kuffi, meeting many interesting characters along the way, but never really sure who is friend and who is foe.

This wonderful imaginative story takes you on a great adventure in a world that is connected to London underground, which will delight many Londoners. Its clever and creative, allowing its readers to get lost in this make-believe world, and putting no limitations on the imagination. The ending is amazing and will not disappoint. This is a great read for 8-12yo, even for those that are young at heart, who love adventure and embrace the world of imagination with no boundaries.

Author: sheacait

Welcome to “My Bookshelf” I love a good book but find that a lot of my friends are not reading the same book as me, so when I’m excited about a character in a book, or storyline that I’ve been totally wrapped up in, I never have anyone to share it with, so I created an online book review, “My Bookshelf.” Feel free to join in and share your thoughts on your current read or join me with my monthly read, I also feature kids reads too.

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