Incredible Cacao (Miss Tree Tales) By Deepa Remesh

This is the amazing adventure of Mia and her brother Nik, who are exported through time via a seedpod and the help of Miss Tree Tales. The children are taken from their home in Texas to the Rain Forest in Costa Rica, where they meet siblings Selma and Rico along with their parents Juan, and Rita and their grandmother Abuelita, and so the children’s adventure begins on how chocolate is made. From white face monkeys that open the tough pods and spit out the seeds which in turn help new cacao trees to grow, to the fruit flies that help pollinate the cacao flower. While Rita teaches the children about the scientific facts of Cacao, Abuelita shares the traditions of the Mayan’s and their sacred and precious gift, the chocolate.

Mia and Nik are eventually transported to Switzerland, where they meet a young boy name Steve, and his dad, who introduce the children to the chocolate factory owner Mr Mylin. Here Mia and Nik learn about the manufacturing of chocolate, the type of chocolate that they are more familiar with, but they also noticed the big contrast to the lifestyle and work life of the families in the Rain forest, to those in the factory in Switzerland.

This is a great read for preteens, it has countless educational factors throughout the story, a must read for both family and the classroom. The cleverly written story breaks down the origin of chocolate in a simple and fun way, while sharing the scientific elements and historical facts, and how both animals and insects working together with nature to create something that we love but equally take for granted. I learnt a lot from this story myself and have a whole new respect for fruit flies.

Do you like chocolates? Do you like trees? Did you know that chocolate is made from the seeds of a tree? Join Mia and Nik on a chocolate mission and be a part of their incredible journey. This bean to bar story is sure to delight kids and adults alike. As special members of Miss Tree’s Plant Savers Club, Mia and Nik travel around the world to learn about different trees and their uses. In this book, they visit a cacao plantation in Costa Rica and a chocolate factory in Switzerland. Have fun gliding with them through a rainforest, exploring a chocolate planet, and collecting seeds for thought. Have you joined the Plant Savers Club? Together we will Protect, Sustain, Conserve!