The Young Black Prince

It’s black history month and here is an amazing book for under 5’s, by new author Melissa Mason.

Have you read “The Young Black Prince” to your little one yet? If not, this is a must read, beautifully written, engaging and encouraging with bold, bright illustrations. Celebrating children of colour and all cultures, it’s positive, uplifting and entertaining. This is a captivating book for pre-schoolers.

Lighthearted and witty, this rhyming picture book follows the mini adventures of The Young Black Prince. Fun to read with your own little prince or princess you will enjoy Prince’s journey as he explores the world around him.

Author: sheacait

Welcome to “My Bookshelf” I love a good book but find that a lot of my friends are not reading the same book as me, so when I’m excited about a character in a book, or storyline that I’ve been totally wrapped up in, I never have anyone to share it with, so I created an online book review, “My Bookshelf.” Feel free to join in and share your thoughts on your current read or join me with my monthly read, I also feature kids reads too.

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